Magnesium Alloy Motor

  • FM-03-12''-01
  • FM-03-12''-01
  • FM-03-12''-01
  • FM-03-12''-01


  • Magnesium Alloy Motor
  • Electric Bike Motor
  • Electric Scooter Motor
  • BLDC Geared Motor
  • Description: FM-03-12''-01 24V/36V/48V 180W 250W Magnesium Alloy Motor BLDC geared hub motor with waterproof cable for electric bike and electric scooter
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FM-03-12''-01 24V/36V/48V 180W 250W Magnesium Alloy Motor BLDC geared  hub motor with waterproof cable for electric bike and electric scooter



Rated Voltage(V)


Rated power(W)


Wheel Size


Rated  Speed(km/h)


Rated Efficiency()


Reduction Ratio


Weight (Kg)


Open  Size(mm)


Drive and Freewheel


Cable  Location

Shaft center right

Hall  Sensor


Integrate  Speed sensor




Brake Type

V brake/Disc V

Salt fog test(h)


Noise (db)


Waterproof Grade



1.Low noise

2.Electricty saving

3.High torque

4.High strength

5.High safety coefficient,high efficiency

6.Long service life

7.Not easy to be hot

Our advantages:
1.Heartbeat price: Collaborative pricing strategy of motor, controller,throttle&brake lever&switch,LCD&LED display,PAS,front light,cutting extra cost and helping with get more profit margins for customers
2.Integrated performance: Specialist in providing intergrated solution for electric bike control system.
3.One-time delivery: Integration of all components of the production cycle, could improve the efficiency of supply chain.
4. One-stop service: The integrated service of providing assembly parts including pre-sale service, sale service, and after- sale service.

5.OEM&ODM  services are available.

Our Services:
1.Two years guarantee.
2.Long time freely technical support.
3.24 hours technical support by e-mail&Wechat&Whatsapp&Skype.

4.Clients are our good friends, we will do our best to help friends, not limited to our existing products or business, we are happy to help friends and help them solve the problems.

1.Q: Is it available for sample?

A:Yes. We offer sample, but free sample are not available at beginning.

2.Q: What's your warranty for products?

A: a.) If you import goods from us, we will be full refunds protection if goods itself has quality problems.

b.) We can return your money if you are not satisfied with our product within 7 days after you get the goods, you only need take the freight.

c.) We promise to replace the goods freely if there are some problems within 6months.

d.) We promise 2 years' warranty. First year, exchanging products for free and second year, maintenance free. You only need to do is pay the freight.

3.Q:How much voltage we can do for motors?

A:24V,36V,48V,60V,72V as your required.

4.Q:How much power we can do for motors?

A: Electric bike motor 180W-5000W.

Switched reluctance motor 1200W-10.5KW

5.Q:How much speed we can do for motors?

A:For normal electric bike motor,25-60km/h as your bike wheel size.

For switched reluctance motor,10-60km/h.

For electric motorcycle motor,60-120km/h.

For customized motor,5-120km/h,depend on your demands&requirements.

6.Q:How much wheel size we can do for electric bike conversion kit?


7.Q: Will the conversion kit fit my bike?

A: The conversion kit was designed to fit 90% of the bicycles/bikes, and you can check your bicycle fork (the two metal pieces that attach the wheel to the bicycle) to be sure.

You will need at least 100mm for front wheel and 135mm for rear wheel.

8.Q: Does the electric bike waterproof?

A: Yes. You can ride our electric bikes in the light rain without worrying about damaging the electric components.